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Not usually. If a girl really likes a guy than she will look at a guy constantly!

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Not necessarily. A girl looking at a guy occasionally could indicate interest, but it could also mean she finds him intriguing, is curious, or simply has friendly interactions. It's important to consider other cues and communication to determine if she likes him romantically.

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Q: What if a girl looks at a guy once in a while does she like him?
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Sorry, but im a girl myself and i think she may just be checking you out. talk to her, and if she blushes and smiles alot she likes you!

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What does that mean if the guy you like sometimes gives you and only you a long stare and looks straight at you a few times in class no matter where you sit at in which hes been doing it for a year?

I, being a boy, think that could mean that he likes you. I myself like a certain girl and look at her every once in a while.

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