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Industrial for sure. Tongue piercings dont hurt that much at all.

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Q: What hurts more getting an industrial piercing or tongue piercing?
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What piercing hurts more your eyebrow or your tongue?

Tongue, by far.

What hurts more tongue piercing or tattoo?

Tattoo . A tongue piercing is a just a simple pinch. Then again It really depends what size tattoo your getting. If it is large it will hurt more.

What hurts more a bell piercing or a tongue piercing?

Belly button piercing hurts more. I have them both & that's the one that hurt the most for me.

Which one hurts more getting your tongue pierced or getting a tattoo?

Tattoo is a longer period of annoying sensation as apposed to a tongue piercing which is quick, besides there are no pain receptors in the area of the tongue that is normally pierced.

Which piercing hurts more your tongue or your nose?

Your tongue. The tongue is a muscle, whereas the nose is built from cartilage. Also, a clamp is used in piercing the tongue, and the piercing bar is much wider. These are both very uncomfortable.

How painful is a tongue piercing?

The initial piercing is not painful. The only thing felt is the pressure of needle. The clamp on the tongue hurts more than the actual piercing. The healing after is the painful part. The tongue will swell, and the muscle will be sore. As the tongue adjust to the metal and heals itself from the initial tear and swelling, the pain will subside, generally over a few days following the piercing. By experience, a piercing in the upper cartilage hurts more than a piercing in the tongue.

What hurts more getting your ears peirced or your tongue peirced?

Your tongue.

What piercing hurt less?

The piercing that hurts the least is the belly button and the tongue web! I didnt flinch one bit.

What hurts the most nose or tongue piercing?

My nose hurt worse then my tongue. However, the first week of having your tongue pierced sucks!

What hurts more a tongue piercing nose piercing belly piercing or hip piercing?

Tongue piercings do not hurt much. Even a tongue web or double tonuge which seem to have a higher pain level, do not hurt too much. As ar as I 've experienced, an ear piercing hurts more than any other piercing. I am plannig to have a conch piercing and just read at site rightpiercing dot com that it hurts too much if I plan to have an inner and outer conch at the same time. Emily

Does the industrial piercing hurt more the belly button piercing?

It hurts way more! Industrial piercing is not as straightforward as traditional piercing, it is considerably more painful; The piercing, can take between three months to one year to fully heal.

Can you gauge a tongue piercing?

Yes, but it's not easy, and the bigger the gauge, the more it hurts to stretch.

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