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There apparently are no such herbs.

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Q: What herbs make you sick if you drink alcohol?
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Can sprite and vodka make your heart rate go up and get sick?

Alcohol is a depressant, so it doesn't usually raise your pulse. Alcohol does often make people sick. Adding soda to your liquor makes it easier for you to drink faster and increases the odds that you will drink until you get sick.

Is it ok to drink alcohol with no dose caffeine pills?

not unless you want a heartattack. that will make you sick also.

If you have taken one dose and decide to drink the next night and not take anymore doses until after the night you have alcohol will it still make you sick?

It depends on how much you had to drink because your body takes 1 hour to get rid of 8 ounces of alcohol so you could possibly get sick.

If you are sick can you drink alcohol?

Looks like you've already been drinking.

Does vodka and tequila make you sick?

Just the thought of it makes me sick, but that is just psychological. The truth is that all alcohol has the potential to make you feel sick. Adding sweets such as ice cream may enable you to mask the strong flavor of alcohol and thereby enable you to drink more of it faster than you normally would. Doing so is more likely to make you sick than drinking alcohol alone or eating the same amount of ice cream without alcohol.

How many children drink alcohol every day?

0 children drink alcohol but in medicine there is alcohol so children drink alcohol when they are sick.

Are you allowed to drink alcohol if you have Cystic fibrosis?

Yes, but I wouldn't recommend it. The alcohol might possibly destroy some meds in your body and make you dizzy and sick. Check with your doctor to check whether or not the alcohol will affect your body.

What happens when you drink alchohol?

Do you mean rubbing alcohol? If so, you will become very sick.

Why can't you drink beer when your pregnant?

You can't drink beer or any alcohol while pregnant because the alcohol is shared with the baby through the umbilical cord and may cause birth defects and/or mental retardation. To make that clearer, it means it may cause effects and make the baby sick.

How do you make someone sick for a day?

Well,you don't sleep and you turn pale. or you drink a lot of alcohol and the next thing you know you're throwing up

What could cause you to be unable to drink any alcohol without feeling sick to your stomach?

You could be unable to not drink because you didn't feel that you could go without not feeling sick or not sick, depending on the amount of alcohol that you did or didn't drink while feeling well enough to drink but may or may not have decided to not be unable to without feeling one way or the other. I hope this wasn't the most unclear answer for you.

Why do not drink dirty water?

It can make you sick.