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dog food

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Q: What has hands and a face but can not touch or smile?
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What has hands and face but cannot touch or smile?

A clock

What is that has a face but cannot smile also it has two hands but cannot touch?


I keep leaning my head on my hands and now it's making me have bumps and acne on my face how do I stop leaning on my hands and keep the acne and bumps away?

try not to touch your face. wash your face twice and a day and wash your hands before you touch your face.

If a boy lets you touch his face and smile at you what does that mean?

it probably means that he likes you

Who has two hands and face but doesn't smile?

if its sitting,its tall.if its standing,its short?

How do you keep your face clean?

By not touching your face with your hands that often because If you do the germs that you touch goes to your face when you touch it and may cause acne.

How can i touch my girlfriend's face if my hands are cold?

Warm them up.

What are some nonverbal communications that are important in dating?

kiss eye contact hold hands/touch smile

Don't touch your pimples?

YES! When you touch your face or pimples, you are transferring all or the dirt and oil from your hand onto your face. Dirt and oils are the underlying cause of pimples. If you don't believe your hands are oily, touch a mirror and you will see. If worst comes to worst and you HAVE to touch your face, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly first.

Can you touch your sister face?

With your hands: yes, but only as long as it doesn't bother her

What can you do to let people know that you are approachable?

make eye contact and smile don't put your hands in front of your face

Conclusion of the The Third Wish?

Mr. Peters dies with a smile on his face with one withering leaf on his hands. He dies happily.