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Well Nana goes out with Nobu after she breaks it up with that IDIOT Takumi. The baby is most likely Takumi's because Nobu wore a condom. She decides to marry Takumi because the baby will have it better, but she stays unhappy in the marriage because in reality she is still in love with Nobu.

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Q: What happens with nana and nobu in the manga?
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Does Nana end up with Nobu?

Nana ends up with nobu for a little while in the 2nd nana movie after she broke it off with that idiot takumi, but then she found out she was pregnant and it might be takumi's because nobu wore a condom. Then takumi comes to nana's house and finds out and he tells nobu. after that takumi felt it was best for Nana to move in with him and that's when it got sad nana hardly saw Nana the only time she did was on TV.

What is the duration of Nana manga?

The duration of Nana - manga - is 2.17 hours.

When was Nana - manga - created?

Nana - manga - was created on 2006-12-09.

In the manga book NANA who is the father of nanas child?

Well, it depends on which child you're referring to. There are two children that are referred to in the glimpses of the future that we get in the manga: Satsuki and Ren. Satsuki is the little girl and Ren is the boy. The father of Nana's child is not currently positive. However, it is either Nobu or Takumi. Since Nobu used condoms, it is widely believed that the child Hachi (Nana) is pregnant with belongs to Takumi. However, we can not be sure until the child is born. Satsuki tends to look like Takumi in the glimpses we receive of the future, so most believe that he is the father. Also, he does not use condoms and Nana was not on birth control at the time of her pregnancy. Due to these factors, chances are that the child will be Takumi's. ................................................ Takumi....... When Nana Found out she had been going out with Nobu for a week or two. and she was six weeks along.

Is nana pregnant?

It depends which Nana you're talking about and how far you are (if you're talking about the manga Nana) but yeah Hatchi does get pregnant.

Should I watch anime nana or manga nana first?

Manga because not only does it explain a lot more, it has a much better ending, before the hiatus that is.

Who was the author of Nana?

The manga series 'Nana' is written and illustrated by Ai Yazawa.

What are some titles of action manga that have no anime adaptation?

Some titles of action manga that have no anime adaption are Silver Spoon (manga) and Nana (manga).

Where does the name Nana originate from?

Nana is Japanese for seven. I'm not sure the significance it has on the manga series, but that's where the title is said to originate from.

What happens to Nana?

He dies.

How many episodes are there in NANA?

There are 47 episodes .and there is a rummer that they will make a second season after the manga ends

What actors and actresses appeared in Nana 2 - 2006?

The cast of Nana 2 - 2006 includes: Yui Ichikawa as Nana Komatsu Yuna Ito as Reira Tomomi Maruyama as Yasu Momosuke Mizutani as Naoki Mika Nakashima as Nana Osaki Hiroki Narimiya as Nobu Anna Nose as Junko Saotome Rumi Shishido Takehisa Takayama as Kyosuke Tetsuji Tamayama as Takumi