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probably not alot

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Q: What happens when you injest eye drops?
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What happens when cats ingest eye drops?

If a dog drinks eye drops, the effects will vary based on the type of drops. Visine will cause severe diarrhea in even small doses, while saline drops are harmless.

What happens when you put tear drops in someones drink?

nothing. but if you put EYE drops in someones drink they will have an intestinal situation.

What happens when you put more drops than recommended eye drops?

If they are prescription eye drops, you are over medicating and also the drops will not last the amount of time they should. If you use eyedrops a lot, be certain to use the ones that are liquid tears. Then, you will not have the other problems that regular use of ones for red eye will cause.

What does od mean in eye drops?

"od" on a prescription for eye drops mean "right eye"--as in apply the drops to the right eye. "os" means "left eye".

What is the duration of Eye Drops?

The duration of Eye Drops is 1800.0 seconds.

Is benzine found in eye drops?

Yes, some eye drops do have benzene in them. Most of the eye drops prescribed to treat glaucoma has this ingredient in it.

Who invented eye drops?

They have been around forever. Eye drops are saline-containing drops used as a route to administer medication in the eye.

What happens when you ingest eye drops?

Do not ingest eye drops, do not put eye drops in some one else's drink as a joke. It is extremely dangerous, people have been hospitalized over this and the people putting the drops in the drinks have been charged with a criminal offense. Don't leave your drink unattended in a club; people now bring Visine to clubs as a joke thinking that a few drops will simply cause diarrhea...don't do it.

What happens if you get ear drops in your drink?

It is perfectly fine to put eye drops in your ear , but NEVER put ear drops in your eyes.

When did Eye Drops end?

Eye Drops ended on 2002-08-08.

When was Eye Drops created?

Eye Drops was created on 2002-05-16.

What is the name of these vascular constrictor eye drops?

what eye drops contain vascular constrictor