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The woman has a baby and the man who got her pregnant either takes responsibility for what he did or leaves and never comes back.

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Q: What happens when a single woman gets pregnant by a married man?
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Why does girl got married and then got pregnant?

Because it's the order of things when a woman get married, her life changes from a single woman to a married one. I guess we can ask mother nature because she's the one that only knows the plan for us human race. When a man and a woman get married, it means they will produce children as plan.

What do you call a woman who had a baby but did not get married?

a single woman with child

Can a woman get insurance on a man if he is married?

If the woman and man are married yes, she can get insurance on her husband. If the woman is single and the man married then no, she can't get insurance on him.

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single women

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Are there more married or single woman in America in 2009?

Single women

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If you want me to tell you who is number one with the relationship about adultery, it will be the married man. If you reread this the man is married and it means he is not allowed to sleep with another woman, period. The single woman's fault will be not saying no to him. The single woman knows he is married and have a family, and maybe she knows the meaning of never sleep with a person who is not available. So the answer is the married man first because his married...................thank you!!

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No she was not married. Nike was a single woman

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Single, according to the US Census.

Single guy likes married woman?


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The term "Miss" denotes an unmarried woman, as in, Miss Smith, as compared to Mrs. Smith who would be a married woman. A usage that is now not very common is to refer to an unmarried woman as a maid. A woman who reaches old age without ever having married could be called an old maid.

What happens when a woman is pregnant and her spouse does drugs?

She leaves her spouse.