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okay if your scared to tell your crush that you like him this is what you should do

1.make sure he's not a kind of guy that gossips a lot (if he that kind of guy, sorry you can't tell him)

2.think of a good time to tell him you like him.

3.say this "hey can i talk to you about something (if he's with friends then say "i need to talk to you alone")

4. Have the courage to say "i like you" to him

5.GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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2011-08-09 02:11:12
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Q: What happens if your scared to tell your crush you like him?
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How do you tell your crush you like him when you are too scared?

this happens to so many people.. it is allways so hard to tell your crush you like him espcially when you dont know if he will like you back or not..but sometimes you just have to take the chance because if you never tell your crush you like them you will regret it someday.. so just relax and tell him exactly how u feel

How do you tell my crush you like him when your super scared too?

just tell him i mean i am a guy so i should know

What happens when you tell someone you have a crush on them?

they will probably tell you if they have a crush on you or if they don't

What do you do if you got a crush on a boy?

Tell him. Worst that happens is he doesn't like you, then you move on.

Crush on your friend?

If you have a crush on a friend tell them that your feelings towards them have changed and that you now like them don't worry it happens. if you don't want to tell them, the crush might blow over if it doesn't, you should tell him or her :)

What does it mean when your crush stares at you to mouch?

Well if your crush stares at you to much it means they are always thinking about you and they like you but their to scared to tell you but wait for them to tell you because if you tell a crush you like them they will say they have a girlfriend/boyfriend but they keep staring at you which probably means they like you but they didn't want to tell you the truth and that they probably either regret rejecting you or they feel srry for rejecting you or they are starting to like you knowing that you like them

What happens when you crush asks you who you like?

Be strait and act like its hard to tell her/him that it's them. (make it sinsere)

How do you tell your neighbor that you have a crush on him?

Just do it. Seriously. If you are too scared, he will never know.

Why does my crush blush when he's around me?

Because he really like you and happy that you noties it. Blushing give the person ideas that they like you and probably scared 2 tell you.

How would you tell your crush that you like them?

By walking up to them and saying I like you. Don't be all scared and sweaty. Just say it because there's a chance he/she might like you back.

Do you tell your crush that you like him?

You should tell your crush you like him/her eventually or else, your crush might find someone else they like you'll be heartbroken.

What happens if you want to kiss your crush but your crush doesn't like you?

You can Either lean in and try and initi the kiss or talk to them and tell them what your intentions are to see how they feel also.

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