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The first kiss is always gonna be the worst

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Q: What happens if your first kiss with a girl wasn't the best?
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What is the best way to win a girl over?

To just be yourself and if the girl wont except it just move on, she wasnt worth your time!!!

Did Bryan breeding have his first kiss yet?

yes he has it wasnt with his gf a girl came up and kissed him

Now that ive pretty much destroyed the relationship between the only girl you wanted to be with what do you do?

go on and try to find another girl...I am sure there are plenty out there and if she wasnt meant for you she wasnt meant for you! :(

What if a boy breaks up with a girl what should the girl do?

find another guy it wasnt meant to be

In Waterloo road did donte and chlo get married or have a baby first?

They got married in series 3 and had a baby girl in series four. so they got married first incase it wasnt obvious. :)

Why some boys don't give up on a girl?

1. The girl doesnt seem to be into him.2.Honesty and trust issues.3. She was unfaithful.4.She wasnt his type.5. He wasnt looking forwArd into relationship.

What happens if a girl thinks you are cute and you think she is cute?

Ask her out and hope for the best, LOL!

What do you do if you love a girl but you dont know if she likes you?

The best way is to ask her out and see what happens

What was Dream Streets first song?

Gotta get the girl or maybe It happens everytime.

What happens at first night?

in first night girl shy externally,but agree for climax of sex internally

What happens when a boy a girl?

First, You should NEVER make the first move!! But if you do it will probably lead to sex.

How do you deal with a girl when she feel embrrassing?

Assure her that it is okay to feel embarrassed and that it happens to the best of people. try to comfort the embarrassed girl