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Many things could happen.

1. It could get really badly infected.

2. You could peirce it completely the wrong way and it will be crooked

3. It could be very painful

4. It just might go the way you were hoping and it could come out just fine

But I strongly suggest going to a piercing shop so you dont risk infection.

I went to get mine done and i absolutely love it. Body piercing is not a hobby, it is a serious procedure that can if done and treated incorrectly cause serious injury and infection requiring medical attention. Pierce it your self kits are irresponsible and dangerous. Please seek the advice and assistance of a trained professional body piercer for all your body piercing requests. What you need to pierce your own belly button is a phone book and some common sense, book an appointment with a professional body piercer. Wikianswers is not a venue to provide how to instruction that can lead to serious injury through misuse of the information.

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Q: What happens if you pierce your belly button by yourself?
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Can you pierce your belly button with a belly button ring?


In the UK can you get your belly button periced at 14?

If they have parental consent then they will pierce your belly button.

How do you pierce a belly button?

Go to a professional. DO NOT PIERCE IT YOURSELF! Even if you successfully pierce it, (you can go in too far and damage your stomach) it will probably get infected and cause even more trouble.

What do they use to pierce your belly button?

A Needle.

What does a belly button pierce mean?

it means to have a belly button (navel) piercing, whether its to have on or to get one done

Is there only one place to pierce your belly button?

You can pierce your belly button anywhere you please really, talk to your piercer and they will let you know what your anatomy allows for.

Are there any belly button piercing games?

I don't know so i think it is no but you can pierce your belly button.

Why women pierce their belly button?

To hang in the Air Freshener!

Can you pierce your belly button with a dangle ring?

Ouch! all piercing should be done by a professional, a serious infection could happen from doing it yourself.

How do you pierce you belly button at home?

Don't unless you want septisemia

If you pierce your belly button does it make it more painful to give birth?


Can you pierce your belly button with a push pin?

No. Go to an expert to get it done.