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You will quickly fall asleep. be careful.

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Q: What happens if you drink alcohol after taking cetirizine hydrochloride?
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What happens when you drink alcohol after taking cetirizine hydrochloride?

Nothing... I take cetirizine hydrochloride myself - prescribed to alleviate hay fever. To quote the information leaflet from the box the tablets came in... "No significant interactions have been observed between alcohol and cetirizine at the recommended doses. "

Can you eat grapefruit while taking cetirizine hydrochloride?

I just checked it and it's on the safe list.

Can you take loratadine and cetirizine hydrochloride together?

There are no reactions concerning the drugs. The only reactions listed for cetirizine hydrochloride is that it may increase central nervous system depression when taking central nervous system depressants.

What does cetirzine hydrochloride tablets for?

It is important to know what the drug tablets are and what they are used for before taking them. Cetirizine hydrochloride is an antihistamine, it is used to help a person with allergies.

Is their anything illegal about taking cetirizine hydrochloride?

Cetirizine Hcl. is the active ingredient in Allegra now that it is available without a presciption, It is legal, but only when used as directed.

Can you takera cetirizine with taking methotrexate?

Yes. There does not appear to be any interactions between cetirizine (Zyrtec) and methotexate.

What happens if you take Emetic with alcohol?

Taking an emetic with alcohol will cause vomiting.

What happens if drink alcohol while taking clindamycin?

you have gas

Can you eat grapefruit while taking cetirizine dihydrochloride?

Not if you want it to work.

What are the side effects of taking cetirizine chlorhydrate?

See the link below

Will taking cetirizine 10 mg make you fail a drug test?


What happens if you drink alcohol while taking methylprednisolone?

Yes, but don't drink more alcohol than you normally do.

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