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Nothing. It doesn't have to be inserted at the same time each week. My gyno told me I can leave it in an extra week if I'm going on vacation or want to hold off my period a week for some reason...there are enough hormones in it to leave it in an extra week, so the matter of a few hours is not important.

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Q: What happens if you are suppose to insert the NuvaRing at the same time every time what if you are couple hours late?
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Where do you insert nuvaring?

You insert NuvaRing in the vagina.

Can you insert a new NuvaRing a couple days earlier than when you took it out so that your period stops sooner as long as you take it out at the new daytime the next month?

Yes, you have it exactly right! You can insert NuvaRing early. That's your new insertion/removal day.

Can you insert your nuvaring too far?

No, you can't insert NuvaRing too far. The vagina ends in a "dead end" -- it's even called the "cul de sac." NuvaRing can't "get lost" in the vagina. NuvaRing will work no matter where it's place in the vagina, but most women find it more comfortable to insert it high into the vagina near the cervix.

Can you insert NuvaRing on a monday morning if you forgot it on Sunday?

Yes, you should insert NuvaRing as soon as you remember. Use a backup method of birth control until you've used the ring correctly for seven days.

NuvaRing why are you protected instantly if you insert on day 1 or your period opposed to day 2-5?

If you start using NuvaRing on day one of your period, you will be instantly protected because you are not ovulating. If you wait until days 2 - 5, you could not be protected if you have already started to ovulate.

Do you have to put NuvaRing in at the same time every time?

No, you only need to insert NuvaRing on the same day of the week every time, not the same time of day.

NuvaRing If you know that you ovulate a week and a half after menstruation does NuvaRing protect me when I insert on day 3 of my period?

You will need to take a pregnancy test first or simply resort to condoms if you insert on day three

What if NuvaRing is out for four hours?

If the Nuvaring has been out for more than 4 hours, insert one immediately and use another form of contraceptive until ring has been in continuously for 7 days.

Can you use nuvaring with instead softcups?

After 29 days wearing the Nuvaring, you remove it (for 7 days). Then you get your period and you use the softcups. You're period is already over, when you have to insert a new Nuvaring. So you''ll never have to wear both at the same time. a user of both ;-)

If you insert the nuva ring before your period willit stop it?

If you insert NuvaRing before your period, you may skip that period, or it may be lighter. You also may have bleeding between periods.

What if you insert NuvaRing a few days late?

If you insert NuvaRing a few days late, you may not be protected against pregnancy. Consider emergency contraception if you've had sex in the last five days. Use a backup method, like condoms or abstinence from vaginal sex, until you've used the ring correctly for seven days.

Why is it not necessary to use a second form of contraception if you insert NuvaRing on day 1 but you need a second form if you start on day 2?

You were misinformed. If you start NuvaRing within the first five days of menstrual bleeding, you don't need a backup method.