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you stay away from that guy, and maybe when their over you guys might have a chance.. but don't go out of your way to try to get with him that's just wrong.

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2011-09-13 11:59:35
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Q: What happens if the guy you like has a girlfriend?
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I like a guy who has a girlfriend what do i do?

If you like a guy that has a girlfriend, you should only like him from afar.

Can a guy like you even if he has a girlfriend?

It depends on how much he likes his girlfriend. The guy can not like his girlfriend at all, thus he will like another girl.

I like this guy and he has a girlfriend?

If you like a guy and he has a girlfriend then you should back off and only try and be his friend.

What to do if you like a boy with a girlfriend?

If the boy has a girlfriend, find a guy that doesn't have a girlfriend.

I like this guy and he has a girlfriend what do i do?


What to do if you like a guy and he likes you back but he has a girlfriend she happens to be one of your good friends?

If he has a girlfriend, and he likes you, then surely he is not the kind of guy you want to be seeing? I think it would get messy and you would loose friends if either you, or the guy in question tried to change anything.

How can a white guy like you get an Asian girlfriend?


How do you get a guy to like you when he already has a girlfriend?

ok listen i am a guy and i know how to handle these things except i handle them with guys not girls but if the guy's girlfriend is snotty and rich im sure he will break up with her soon but if she is really nice just wait until something big happens like the girl kisses another guy then tell the guy u like what happened, well that is how sorry that is all i got

How do you get over a guy that has a girlfriend?

you use his girlfriend like a ladder and jump over him

How can you get a guy to like you if he has a girlfriend?

tell him u are willing to be the girl on the side. But really if the guy has a girlfriend already why not try and like some one else.

If the guy you really like has a girlfriend what should you do ps- you really like this guy and had a crush on him for 2 years?

He has a girlfriend. So you butt out. It's not complicated.

Does your guy friend who has a girlfriend like you?

If he has a girlfriend then he may like you but not as much as his girlfriend. You need to tell him you cannot go out with him while he is still with his girlfriend as it is not fair on you or her.

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