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Nothing happens, unless the semen contains an STD, and then the swallower is at risk of catching something.

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Q: What happens if a gay man swallows another man's semen?
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At what age does a mans semen dry up?

You produce semen all of your life.

Does a mans semen help ward off breast cancer?


Can semen be found in saliva?

The only way semen can be found in saliva is if the woman swallowed a mans ejaculatory fluids.

What does it mean when you have yellow seamen?

Multi-vitamins can color a mans semen yellow.

Is there a difference between black mans semen and a white mans?

Probably not much if any. Some who have seen both say there may be a slight variation in color. Other than that, only the genes in the semen present are different.

What happens if a semen demon attaches itself to a teen boy?

Semen Demons feed on men's sperm, they use it for 2 main reasons. A semen demon takes a mans sperm in order to get another woman pregnet with that mans sperm, or to absorb the sperm for its own use such as for energy or growth. Most semen demons only attach themselves to older men, but spirituals have seen some demons attach themselves to youner men such as teen boys. Male teens are in the process of growing, so they need to keep eating and drinking healthy foods (also tasty) so they can continue growing...but...also to produce sperm. The semen demon has an advantage to this, because the younger the male is, the more sperm it produces. If the semen demon attaches itself to a male teen, it will be using his sperm either for energy, growth, or to continue it process my putting it inside another woman. (he will NOT be possed, semen demons do not look for possession, only sperm)

Is it ok to swallow a mans semen?

No it can give you AIDS according to the pakistan scientists watchout

If a woman is two weeks pregnant or less then meets another man right away and has intercourse can the mans sperm take over the egg?

No. The egg is already fertilized and the uterus closed to protect the embryo so the new mans semen will never reach the uterus.

What causes a mans seman to be thin and no odor?

If we ejaculate our semen again and again in a gap of small time ,the quality of semen decreases and starts to become thin and odourless*skindi*

Who said one mans food is another mans poison?


Who coined the phrase one mans food is another mans poison?


One mans meat is another mans poison?

The meaning of one's mans meat is another man's poison means that what is good for one man maybe not be good for another. Something may benefit one person but it does not benefit another.