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It depends on the organism you are referring to.

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Q: What happens 3 months after fertilization?
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Is fertilization the same as saying sex?

Sex is a part of fertilization. Fertilization occurs when the male sperm and an egg from the woman unites with each other. Once that happens, it turns into an embryo. From there it becomes a fetus and then 9 months later it will be a human being coming into this world.

How is fertilization of the egg accomplished?

Fertilization of an egg happens before it is laid.

What happens to the ovary wall after fertilization?

The ovary becomes fruit after fertilization.

What happens durning fertilization?


What is the nine months of human development between fertilization and birth?

The term for the nine months of human development between fertilization and birth is called the gestation period.

Can it be possible for fertilization to happen outside the female human body?

Fertilization that happens outside the female body is called in-vitro fertilization. In this procedure, the ova is fertilized with the sperm in a laboratory.

A human baby is born?

About nine months after fertilization.

Where fertilization happens?

ampulla of the uterine tube.

Is there a word for something that happens every 3 months?

Quarter. At every Quarter of the financial year (every 3 months).

What happens if fertilization does not occurs?

If fertilization does not occur, the egg will detach itself and pass through and you will get a normal period.

What is the period of time between fertilization and birth?

9 months

When does fertilization happens?

Usually 14 days after their period.