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Nick was a victim of a crime that his mother committed. The trial ended with a conviction for his mother and she was sentenced to prison. Nick's father, who had been separated from the family, wanted to take custody of Nick but the court denied his request because he had been absent from the family for so long.

Nick became a ward of the state and was placed in foster care. He eventually moved in with an aunt and uncle who raised him as their son.

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Q: What happened to nick donahue after his mother's trial?
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Nick Donahue was a fictional character....based on a true story. Frank Duncan is the name of the man the movie is about. His mother was Elizabeth Duncan and she was executed in San Quentin's gas chamber August 8, 1962.

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Nick Donahue is a fictional character that is based on a real person. It is unknown whether the real man ever married after his mother's death.The Story:Based on a real-life incident. In 1958, Elizabeth Ann Duncan hired two men to murder her pregnant daughter-in-law out of jealousy of her son, Frank, an attorney. As in the film, Frank met his wife, a nurse, at a hospital after Elizabeth attempted suicide in a ploy to keep him from leaving home, and, as in the film, he represented his mother at her trial. Duncan and the men were executed in San Quentin's gas chamber on August 8, 1962.

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