What happened to Webkinz?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Its still there what do you mean?

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Q: What happened to Webkinz?
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What happened to the communal contest in webkinz?

I believe it is because not enough people are on webkinz anymore, you may also notice advertisements not for webkinz, GANZ needs more money.

Is mrsbirdy really killing Webkinz?

Not exactly, what happened is that a virus came to the control computer and it kills the Webkinz. It's called Zeeks.

Webkinz black box rumor?

Yes it happened to my friend and her cousin

What are some cheat codes for webkinz?

Webkinz cheat codes are not good. If you do the cheats you will get banned for your entire life.That happened to a friend of mine. She was so upset.Boohoo.

What happened to zingoes pop in webkinz arcade?

nothing. it still there. you must have missed it.

Why on your laptop does it not show the dock on webkinz?

It means that your screen is to small. That happened on the desktop in my classroom.

Your Webkinz online disappeared what happened?

you haven't bought a new one in over a year so it expired

What is the webkinz theme song?

it goes like this.oh, webkinz, webkinz, webkinz, the gayest thing on earth,oh, webkinz, webkinz, webkinz, oh it will make you hurl,oh, webkinz, webkinz, webkinz, it is for such retards,oh, webkinz, webkinz, webkinz, completely copied neopetssorry. I'm actually pretty sure it doesn't have a theme song.

Are there unlockables on Webkinz?

when you buy webkinz or webkinz items it unlocks things on webkinz

What is Coming out in webkinz soon?

New Webkinz Clothing, Webkinz Chicken, Webkinz lil' kinz mouse, Webkinz Pink Google and a Webkinz Love kitten.

Can you name all the Webkinz from a to z of what kinds of Webkinz there is?

All the webkinz are posted on Webkinz world.

How can you play webkinz supermodelz on a different website?

You can't Webkinz games and charectors are all created for Webkinz and only Webkinz. So you can only play Webkinz Supermodel in Webkinz.