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Q: What happen to your your body if you smoke weed?
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If you loose 50 pounds will it take weed out of body?

If you dont smoke weed for 2 months it will take weed out of your body

How do you reduce body pain?

smoke weed

What will happen if you mix catnip and weed And smoke it?

You'll cough and get high off the weed.... Dummy.

What happens if you smoke weed after talin plan b?

Nothing that wouldn't normally happen when you smoke.

What is the instuctional maunal for your body?

smoke weed and you will go places

Who smoke your weed?

You smoke my weed!

What could happen if you smoke weed with your boyfrien?

He might take advantage of you when you are 'high'.

How is weed harmful to the body?

Its not, just if you smoke alot then it can cause cancer i belive, if you smoke a join every couple days then ur fine. GOD MADE WEED.

How can you get medicated to smoke weed?

You can get medicated to smoke weed if you have glacoma.

Does nuri smoke weed?

yes she smoke alot of weed.

Is weed good for the body my friend says it's good but he smokes it?

Weed isn't good for the body, no matter if you smoke it or breathe it in. All it does is it stimulates your body and makes you 'feel' good.

How can a person identify pond weed?

1. identify that the body of water is a pond 2. identify that what you are looking at is weed 3. smoke it!