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It depends. If you're underweight or a serious athlete this could be a side effect. If you've just started Birth Control it could be your body getting use to the hormones. Otherwise you may be pregnant. If you've taken a pregnancy test and the results were negative you may want to consult a doctor.

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Q: What happen if i don't have period for one month?
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Are you pregnant if you dont have your period one month but you get it the month after that?

No you are not

Can your period come on twice in one month with you tubes tied?

i am fix but can it still happen

How could you no vaginal bleeding different from period?

pheeew i do not know if you get your period if it is the first one a month then chanses are its period but i dont know ask your doctor

How do you stop pregnancy after one month period not happen?

You have to see a doctor for an abortion. This early it can be done by pills or suction.

Missed a period then had one the following month?

Well it is natural my older sister told me it happen to her and she thought that she was pregnant but next month she had her period and she was fine.Most likely caused by normal hormonal fluctuations - if it happens very occasionally it is nothing to worry about - but if it becomes a regular irregularity - you should be seen by a Gynecologist.

How can i conceive when i don't get my period every month?

i dont know. look on another website cuz this one is sorta crappy.

What should you do if you are on the depo shot and you get your period a month in?

it is normal because i had that happen to me a couple of times while i was on the shot so its normal to have one

Is there a chance of pregnancy if you began spotting 2 weeks after your period went off for a week with cramping and nausea?

unless the next month you miss your period and you dont have one no. Cramping and nausea come with your period

What would happen if you consumed some liquid from a chicken that was left in the sun for a month?

If one consumed liquid from a chicken left in the Sun for a Month, assuming it was dead for that period, would likely get Salmonella Poisoning.

Is it bad if you have a heavy period on one month and a light one the next month?

No it is not bad, as some ladies have a heavy period for one month and then a light one or they may have two heavy periods and then one light one also.

What happens a month before a woman's period?

The only thing that happens exactly one month befor a woman's period is her previous period.

What causes of a month?

A month is a somewhat arbitrary period of time that loosely approximates the period of one lunar cycle.