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I have a lot of mould around my bathroom tiles and don't seem to be able to get it out from the grout in between. What grout cleaner will work best for this?

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Q: What grout cleaner can get out mould from around bathroom tiles?
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How do you apply bathroom grout correctly without it constantly being dragged out?

"Grout is the stuff you apply between tiles to seal them in place. Grout tiles once the adhesive has dried fully (24 to 36 hours later). The best grout is waterproof and mould-resistant; some come ready-mixed. Use a grout float - a rubber-faced tool with foam backing - for large areas. Spread the grout across the tiles at right angles to the joins. Use a damp sponge to remove excess. Once the grout is dry, polish the surface with a dry cotton rag." I was taught by a contractor to apply and clean the grout diagonally.

What are the black spots on paint in bathroom?

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Hi, If you don't have one buy a Steam Cleaner. They work great for cleaning mould.

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50/50 bleach and water in spray bottle Paint it with road paint and mould will not return.