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The term "abolitionist" was used to describe people who wan=ted to abolish slavery around the world.

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Q: What group of people wanted slavery to be elimanated?
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What group of people wanted to ban slavery in every part of the US?

The Abolitionists.

What group wanted to end slavery?


What group wanted an immediate end to slavery?

The Abolitionists

Did Rosa parks have a group of people to help stop slavery?

Yes Rosa Parks did have a group of people to help stop slavery .

When did the abolitionist movement start and what was it for?

The Abolitionist Movement started in the early 1800's and it was a group of people that wanted to abolish/end slavery in the U.S.A.

What group wanted to ban slavery in the us?

the north. most northern people were abolitionists, so that means they didnt like the idea of slavery. there were few abolitionists in the south, and they could be black or white. hope this helps you!

Which group of people were fighting to end slavery in America?


What did abolitionist want to end?

The group of US citizens named the antislavery abolitionists wanted to end slavery in the United States. This group of great influence believed that slavery was wrong and contradicted the Declaration of Independence.

Who was the group of persons to speak out against slavery?

The most prominent group of people that spoke out against slavery were the antebellum group that was termed anti slavery abolitionists. They were very outspoken and received allot of attention in the newspapers of the day.

Who formed the Anti-Slavery Society a group that helped end slavery in the British Empire?

Answer this question… Which of these people formed the Anti-Slavery Society, a group that helped end slavery in the British Empire? Apex: William Wilberforce

What are the names of the people in the singing group the wanted?

read the heading of the The Wanted page

Did some people disagree with slavery?

YES! Many people disagreed with slavery. One group is the slaves themselves. Another is a group of people that formed the underground railroad which I highly suggest you look into if you are interested in this subject.

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