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Grain generally refers to weight- of bullets and gunpowder. The Mossberg 45B was a caliber .22 Long Rifle firearm. .22 LR is tpically a 40 grain bullet weight cartridge.

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Q: What grain is a mossberg and sons inc model No 45 B?
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When was OF Mossberg and Sons Inc model 185k made?

1950-64 depending on which variant

OF Mossberg and Sons Inc model 185ka Is there a larger capacity magazine available?

Custom proposition only

Who manufactured the Maverick Model 88 shotgun?

Mossberg & Sons, Inc. manufactures the Maverick Model 88 shotgun. It is a budget-friendly alternative to the Mossberg 500 series, sharing many of the same parts and features.

Where do i find a clip for a mossberg and sons inc model 342k rifle?

You might find a magazine for one at egunparts.

When was OF Mossberg and Sons Inc model B26M made?

You have the rare version of the model 26,as it has the mannlicher-style stock.The Mossberg model B26M(M is for Mannlicher style stock) was made in the year 1938 only.

What is the history of the mossberg and sons Inc model 152 22 long rifle manufactured in new haven Connecticut?

A history of Mossberg has been written and is available on Amazon

Where can you get a diagram to identify parts for a of mossberg and sons inc rifle model 146b-a 22-s-lr?

try egunparts

What is a o f mossberg sons inc model 195 12 gauge shotgun worth?

Maybe a collector will have some information.

What is a OF Mossberg and Sons inc model 880A .308 Rifle comparable to when looking to purchase a synthetic stock?

Anything made by any other maker that has similar features.

How old is a moss berg and sons inc northhaven us model 380 long rifle?

check at: <><><> Mossberg should be able to narrow the date down- that model was made from 1980-85.

What bullet grain is a mossberg and sons inc model No 45 B?

Your Mossberg model 45B is chambered in .22 S,L,or LR. caliber.As such it will take a bullet weight from 30gr to 45gr which is loaded in today,s ammo.I shoot the 40gr. Lead soft point bullets through my Browning A-bolt rifle with great accuracy.These are the Remington Thunderbolt ammo.Many a squirrel has fallen victim to this rifle and ammo combination thru the years.

Where is the mossberg firearm factory?

O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc.7 Grasso Ave.North Haven, CT 06473Telephone: (203) 230-5300 (8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. E.S.T.)Fax: (203) 230-5420