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girls then wants so that the boy bite and eat her total nipple

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Q: What girls feel if boy touch her nipples?
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Can girls touch the boy's penis or nipples during sex?

If they are both consenting and above the Age of Consent, then yes.

How do you tell the difference between guinea pig boy nipples and guinea pig girls nipples?

Boy guinea pigs don't have nipples.

Why girls don't like boy should touch there body?

Because it jsut feels awkard for a Girl... for a boy to TOuch up on them I personally feel awkward when they try to...

Can a girl kiss a boy whirl hidding from your parents?

First go to a room close the windows go in the closet and take off your clothes and might want to suck the girls nipple and the girl might want to let the boy touch her nipples and put your nipples on the boy's shoulders.

Can a 12 year boy touch a 12 year old girls butt?

Yes! Im 12 and guys touch my booty all the time(: Girls like it, it makes them feel beautiful and wanted.

Is it true Jewish girls don't have nipples?

yes, this is there equivalent to a Jewish boy being circumcised

Do girls let boy touch them?

Only if its your brother.

Why do boy cats have nipples?

For probably the same reason that men do. All boys start out girls whilst developing in the womb and develop nipples before they are boys.

Where do girls like to touch guys?

it depends on the nature and likeness of the boy

Are you sure your guinea pig has nipples boy?

if your guineapig has nipples means it still is a boy.

Did girls like their breast?

some. Girls who hit puberty, like to explore and touch themselves. and they get very exited when they catch boys taking glimpses at them. but some girls are very shy, and are embarrassed if they catch a boy staring at them. they feel very self conscious.

What is the feelings of girls when a boy touch her body?

it feels like he is in love and disgusting