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a cherry

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yes as cherry
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a cherry

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a cherry

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Q: What fruit was santas nose compared to?
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Saint Nicks nose is compared to a cherry?

A boop-fruit.

Who is Hermie in Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer?

Hermie is one of santas helpers who wishes to instead be a dentist.

Who invented computers and what year?

Bob the builder invented the computers when santas reindeers nose first turned red.

What is the nothernmost point in the world?

the lightning rod on the chimney of santas workshop where donner & blitzen charge rudolphs nose

Who is santas reindeer?

Rudolph of course. he wasnt the biggest or best but that's why he was blessed with the gift of a glowing nose.

St Nick's nose is often compared to what fruit?

"...his nose like a cherry."- A Visit from St. Nicholas (aka "The Night Before Christmas") by Clement C. Moore

What is mucus nose fruit?


What is santas nose like?

Big (Your nose bone doesn't stop growing so as you get older your nose gets bigger, and because Santa is seen as being quite old , his nose is big) Red (Your nose is the first part of your body that would catch frostbite, it is red because the blood is trying to keep it warm.)

Which fruit have maximum proteins in it as compared to any other fruit?


What is Earth's shape compared to fruit?

Earth is round like a sphere, similar to a orange or a ball.

What color are santas reindeers?

Brown, like normal reindeer, with the exception of Rudolf's nose. They are bigger and more majestic than the average reindeer though.

Santa nose looks like what fruit?