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Q: What following groups was the first to argue that slavery was morally wrong?
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What groups was the first to argue that slavery was morally wrong?


What group was the first to argue that slavery was morally wrong?


Is there anything morally wrong and why is it wrong?

yes, there is. Some would argue that the taking of life (killing someone) is morally wrong. A counter-argument might be if in self-defence, the taking of a life might be morally right, since it preserves another's life. However, this does not contradict the point that the taking of a life is still morally wrong. Indeed, the taking of a life can be both morally right and morally wrong.

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Why Did dred Scott argue that he should be freed?

he onced lived in the North where slavery was prohibited

Why did Nelson Mandela argue?

he because it wasn't fair for him and the racial groups

What kind of slavery does the Qur'an not allow?

The Qur'an does not specify any variant of slavery that is actually prohibited. While it does argue that manumission, the freeing of a slave, is a positive and desirable act, it says nothing about what kinds of slavery are unacceptable. It is only Muslims of today, who were forced to free their slaves by the European Imperialists, who argue that slavery is wrong and do so without strong Qur'anic support.

Why should slavery be kepted in the south?

No sensible person today will argue for it's existence anywhere,.

What did Lincoln argue in the senatorial debates against Douglass in 1858?

they disgree on the Nebraska-Kansas Act

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a;; of the above are correct.

What role did hate groups play in the holocaust?

You could argue that the Nazi party was one large hate group.

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the advantages are so people work in groups and don't argue and then they have a better job at the end of it