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Very small rocks!

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Q: What floats in a glass of water mixed with soil?
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Will sand float in water will soil float in water?

Soil floats on water!

What is the soil for seaweed?

It has no soil most of the time it floats.

In which type of soil would you expect to see most bubbles when water is mixed with the soil sample?

clay soil

What igneous rock is mixed with soil and used for starting vegetable seeds?

Perlite is an igneous, and perlite is an amorphous volcanic glass and is created from a mixture of hydrated obsidian and mass amounts of water.

If you mixed soil with water how would you separate the different components to get a solution?

evaporating the water would leave the soil in the container, or, depending on the solubility of soil, you could use a filter.

Can fertilisers cause water pollution?

Yes they cause water pollution, as they are chemicals which are use to improved the quality and quantity of crops, but at last they settle at bottom of the crop, and get mixed with soil. And with rain they gets dissolved with soil , later when the rain water gets down under soil , they also get mixed in the water and cause water pollution.

Which river in China was named after its sandy soil mixed with its water?

Yellow River.

Why water holding capacity of garden soil is more than road side soil?

because of more organic material mixed in garden soil which absorb and hold water as compare to road side soil.

What is soil's composition?

Soil composition is soil mixed of rock particles, minerals, decayed organic material, water, and air.

What are mixed to form soil?

weathered rock,decayed organic matter,water and sediments.

What is a thick mixture of soil and sediments mixed with water that quickly flows downhill?


How do you sterilise about 2cubic meters soil in a small glass house?

drench the soil with 40mls of jeyes fluid to 5 litres of water