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Fatigue means lack of strength , exhaustion etc. For ex: i was fatigue after working endlessly to clean up my house

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Q: What fatigue means?
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What is the suffix for fatigue?

it means alsome

What is profound fatigue?

Profound means great, or very much so. Fatigue is dead tiredness. So profound fatigue is when you are just absolutely wiped out your so tired.

What does fatigue is like a toothache in her bones mean?

Its means pain

What is the definition of fatigue strength?

It means you have strength from being fat

What word starting with f means physical tiredness?


What does Je suis fatigue aujourd hui mean?

"Je suis fatigue aujourd'hui" means "I am tired today" in French.

What is the medical term meaning the state of tiredness?

Fatigue means the state of tiredness.

What is the differences between fatigue and boredom in human resource management?

Fatigue is when you are physically tired. Bored means your mind isn't stimulated, but you may not be physically tired.

What is an antonym of fatigue?

Well, fatigue basically means being tired. So, the antonym would have to mean filled with energy. One word is energetic.

Can you use the word fatigue to make a sentence?

The word "fatigue" means "mental or physical exhaustion: extreme tiredness or weariness resulting from physical or mental activity." Used in a sentence: He ran for so long that he almost fainted from fatigue.

Is having a high fatigue index good or bad?

A low fatigue index means that you have better anaerobic capabilities. You can sustain all out events for longer, and fight through lactic acid build up pain. A high fatigue index id the opposite.

What is elastic fatigue?