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A no salt diet is a diet that is low in sodium. By taking most of the salt out of your diet it decreases bloating and helps one lose water weight. It is a hard diet to maintain.

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Q: What exactly is a no salt diet?
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For a salt free diet can you use sea salt?

No, sea salt is still salt. If you really need a salt FREE diet, you can't use sea salt. If you need a LOW salt diet, then sea salt can be used sparingly just like any other salt.

Is it safe to go on a no salt diet?

There are no dangers to a no salt diet. All basic foods that you eat will have some salt already in them.

What kind of diet is Latoya Jackson's on?

she is on a no added salt diet

What is the salt and ice diet?

the coolest diet around, except the liquid nitrogen diet.

How do you separate salt from grit salt?

Salt and grit salt are exactly the same, so you don't.

What exactly can I do to diet and lower my blood pressure?

You can try to work on working in less salty foods into your diet. Foods that are high in salt can cause your blood pressure to raise so it is advised to avoid foods such as french fries or Chinese.

Can you use koher salt instead of sea salt when you doing the lemonade diet?

no, it is only visible in the coca cola diet :)

What kind of diet is a NAS diet?

A NAS Diet or no added salt diet is exactly that. These types of diets are particularly important to people suffering from liver disease as the restriction of Sodium Chloride (salt) is of the utmost importance in combating excessive fluid retention. The average diet consists of around 6 grams of salt per day but an average of 2.5 is recommended in the effective aid of fluid retention. Excess sodium has also been linked to heart disease and arterial problems and anyone suffering heart related issues may also be refer ed to a NAS diet plan.

What is Romania diet?

European diet, with more lipids, glucids and salt

Is there salt in Diet Coke?


How can you cut down your salt intake?

use less salt in your diet.

What is the salt and ice cube diet?

the coolest diet around, except the liquid nitrogen diet.