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The episode penny got a credit card on is Don't Leave Home Without It.

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2012-03-27 08:07:52
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Q: What episode of the proud family did penny get a credit card?
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Who plays the character of penny proud in the proud family?

Kyla Prat

What are the release dates for The Proud Family - 2001 I Love You Penny Proud 1-16?

The Proud Family - 2001 I Love You Penny Proud 1-16 was released on: USA: 8 February 2002

How old is penny from the proud family?

Not old enough, pervert!

In the movie The Proud Family Movie what is Penny Prouds fathers name?

his name is "Oscar Proud"

What episode number is twins to tweens on the proud family?

Season3, episode 9

Who is Penny's best friend in The Proud Family?

Penny's best friend in The Proud Family is Dijonay Jones. Dijonay has a crush on Sticky. She has nine siblings and they are all named after condiments, seasonings, and spices.

Who was the oldest child in the proud family?

If you are talking about the Disney Show, the eldest would be the main character Penny Proud

What are the release dates for The Proud Family - 2001 Crouching Trudy Hidden Penny 2-9?

The Proud Family - 2001 Crouching Trudy Hidden Penny 2-9 was released on: USA: 7 March 2003

What was the sing from the proud family episode tween town?

disfunkshunal bobby's jam

On the proud family what are penny friends name?

Penny's friends names are Sticky Webb, Dijionay Jones, La Cienega Boulevardez and Zoey Howzer.

Has Solange Knowles being in a movie?

She has played in bring it on all or nothing,the penny proud movie, and the Johnson's family vacation

Where can you watch 'The Proud Family' episode 9 because I love the episode where Bebe and Cece are grown up?

It is season 3, episode 8 "Twins to Tweens" - no current reruns but the full DVD was available.

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