What engineer makes toys?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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A Toymaker!

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Q: What engineer makes toys?
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How much an engineer makes in Trinidad?

chemical engineer

Who makes more money a pilot or mechanical engineer?


What makes an engineer an engineer regardless of the work one does?

science and creativity make up an engineer.

What makes an engineer an engineer?

They make something run better? (Mike)

What makes a engineer a engineer?

The ability to use the word 'an' in the proper situation.

What is a design engineer?

a design engineer makes and builds things for the neighborhood

What type of engineer makes air bags in a car?

automotive engineer

Where Santa's makes toys?

Santa makes toys at a big factory at the North Pole.

What kind of engineer makes sure bridges and roads are structurally sound?

civil engineer

How many types of toys does china make?

there are 81 kind of toys china makes

How much does a space engineer make in a year?

A space engineer makes about 214,000 dollars a year.

Earnings of a computer engineer?

A computer engineer makes around $92,000 a year. That's the minimum wage for a regular computer/software engineer.