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go to mayoclinic look up fetal alcohol syndrome

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Q: What effects does alcohol have on the fetus?
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Related questions

What trimester is the fetus most susceptible to the detrimental effects of alcohol on development?

the first trimester

What causes pregnant women to drink alcohol?

Addiction, or ignorance of the effects on the fetus, or both.

What are the effects of drinking while pregnant to a developing fetus?

Look up Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.... alcohol can have devastating effects on an unborn child.....don't chance it.

Can a woman get pregnant if she is a heavy drinker?

Yes, but it's not recommended due to the effects of alcohol on a fetus.

What is the effects of 13.7 grams of alcohol on a fetus?

You should never drink any amount of alcohol during pregnancy. There is research showing that very small amounts can have an effect on a fetus and cause birth defects. Drinking any amount of alcohol can cause FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome).

What are the effects of prenatal alcohol on a fetus?

Alcohol harms the development of the fetal nervous system, and if there is too much alcohol, the resulting baby will be born with fetal alcohol syndrome, a serious and incurable condition that will cause problems for his or her entire life.

How poison from alcohol effects the fetus?

Drinking any amount of alcohol during pregnancy can effect the health of the developing fetus in more ways than one. It can cause serious birth defects, mental problems, miscarriage, and FAS (fetal alcohool syndrome).

Can a males consumption of alcohol affect the fetus later in life?

Yes males consumption of alcohol affect the fetus later in life

What are some effects of alcohol on the fetus?

Fetal Alcohol Syndrom can affect the growth and weight of the child. It can damage the brain causing mental retardation, poor reasoning skills, and mental health problems.

When will alcohol affect fetus?

From conception to birth.

What affects on the fetus of the alcohol?

Fetal alcohol syndrome. This includes decreased development of the fetus, intra-uterine growth retardation, mental retardation.

Is it safe to drink alcohol while being pregnant?

no, alcohol can harm the fetus

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