What drug has the quickest drug tolerance?

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Hrm.... the first one that comes to mind is DMT.

You've got about a minute to get your fill of it before your tolerance is built up. This tolerance diminishes fairly quickly too though.

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Q: What drug has the quickest drug tolerance?
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How will drug habituation affect the persons drug tolerance?

It will heighten the tolerance pretty fast.

The higher the tolerance and dependence of a drug the?

Tolerance and dependence of a drug is a trademark of addiction. The tolerance of a drug builds in which case a person needs more of the drug in their system. The dependence on a drug, is the need for the drug in which to feel like you are living a normal life.

What are two reasons for the development of drug tolerance?

Repeated exposure to a stimulus could increase the development of drug tolerance.

What sports implement a zero tolerance drug policy?

The Olympic have a zero tolerance drug policy, Marion Jones was stripped years after she won her medals.

Could you develop tolerance to some effects of a drug but not to others?

Yes. There are some drug effects for which people CANNOT develop tolerance. Of course there are other drug effects which commonly cause people to develop tolerance. If you have specific drugs and effects in mind, let me know.

What does Neuroadaptation most clearly contribute?

drug tolerance

Reduced effect of a drug after repeated use?


What is the process of getting used to a drug called?


What is the quickest way to clean your system for a drug test?

Drink water

Difference to being tolerant on a drug and dependent?

Tolerance means that an increased amount of the drug is needed to achieve the same effect as before. Dependence can be physical or psychological. Dependence is referring to a need for the drug in order to function normally. Someone that is dependent on a drug likely has a high tolerance for the drug. However, someone can have a high tolerance for the drug and not go through withdrawals or have other negative effects when the drug is not used anymore.

What is tolerance in drugs?

Tolerance is like an immunity that your body makes. If you use a drug, your body will often build tolerance and dull or even nullify the effects.

Does quitting adderall for a few days help decrease tolerance?

Yes and No. Yes...Stopping a drug for a period of time, Often called a Drug Holiday is done to reduce the tolerance. When the drug is restarted; however, the patient more quickly reaches the tolerance threshold than he/she did the first time.

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