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Vinegar and olive oil usually does it slightly faster.

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Cranberry juice

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lots of cranberry juice!

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marijuana juice

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Q: What drink gets marijuana out of your system the fastest?
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Can marijuana get in your system by touching it?

ummm NO. its the THC in marijuana that gets you high and and you have to ingest it somehow either eating, drinking, or smoking marijuana, hash, etc.

Can you test positive if it gets in your system from the air?

If you test positive it is in your system no matter how it gets there. Secondary smoke from marijuana can be inhaled and you could test positive because of this.

Can the aroma of marijuana on someone else get into your system?

no it cant, Because Your not directly taking in the THC...The ways THC gets in your system is if it is either inhaled or digested...

Name something to drink when your sick?

My favorite drink when I'm sick is ginger ale.

How do moss drink?

Moss gets its water primarily through its root system using Osmosis

How did you find out that marijuana gets you high?

in school

Is there THC in marijuana?

yes, that is what gets you high

What chemical in marijuana gets you high and can be addictive?

the chemical which gets you high is THC .. no it is not addictive ...

What the best type of marijuana?

the one that gets you high

What is the active chemical in marijuana that gets you high?


What happens if an underage gets caught with marijuana?

There is no marijuana age so it would be the same consequences as an overage person.

How much marijuana can you smoke before it is noticeable on a drug test?

The less you smoke, the quicker it gets out of your system. One joint may be out of your system in 7 days, but heavy, daily use can take up to a month.