What drink contains empty calories?

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I don't know what empty calories mean, but I like Crystal Lite. Only 5 calories per glass - no sugar - no fat.

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Q: What drink contains empty calories?
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What is the benefit of zero calories in a drink?

The benefit of zero calories in a drink is that there are not empty calories consumed throughout the day. The danger is that the lack of calories does not mean the drink in healthy.

An empty-calorie food is one that contains?

no calories

What does the term empty calories mean?

An empty calories is a loose term that refers to a food / drink that contains calories of no nutritional value. In other words, all of the calories are not "good". They do not come from vitamins, minerlas, calcium, fiber, ect. Instead, most will come from sugars or fats, and the calories in general are not needed nor are they a help for the body.

Describe what its meant by the term empty calories identify a food that contains empty calories and explain why empty calories do not support a nutritious diet?

Empty calories are calories that don't give your body any nutrition. An example is cake because it doesn't give your body any nutrition, but it is very caloric.

What are some food sources for empty calories?

An "empty calories" is a simple and loose description of a food / drink that contains calories that have no nutritional value. There are many of these. Some common ones are... *Sodas / soft drinks *Sugar (in excess, more than what is recommended daily) *Fats *Butter *Oils (olive, canola, vegetable, ect., more than what is recommended daily)

Is there a zero calorie alcoholic drink?

No, it isn't possible. Alcohol contains calories.

How many calories are in the sunkist soft drink?

Sunkist contains 127 calories per 1 cup (8-oz).

Which cocktail has the least calories?

My drink of choice is Vodka and sugar free Red Bull. Each can only contains 10 calories and Vodka contains between 80-100 calories per shot.

Calories from food like soda and ice cream are called?

Empty calories.

Can you drink green tea on empty stomach?

It won't be a problem while drinking green tea on an empty stomach. since it contains less much irritants than coffee. Your metabolism is basically the rate at which your body burns calories to create energy. When you drink green tea with or after a meal, you should try to make sure that the tea is not mixed with milk.

How many calories are in a McDonald's hamburger happy meal?

The hamburger contains 280 calories. The french fries contain 209 calories. The drink will vary based on choice.

How many calories are contained in six glasses of lemon lime drink if each glass contains seventy calories?

420 calories.... multiply 6 by 70... easy

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