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Big and round, like a little baby is inside.

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Q: What does your tummy look like when youre pregnant?
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How do you make youre belly look preggo?

You can not inflate your belly to look pregnant. This is impossible.

How do cats know if your pregnant?

look at your cats tummy when its big babys are inside

What does a pregnnant goldfish look like?

Goldfish do not get pregnant. They are egg layers. A female goldfish looks a bit chubbier than normal around the tummy when she is in breeding condition.

What do nintendog puppies look like when they are born?

They lay by mommy's tummy and they look like thier parents but smaller.

How can you not look like a teenager?

mature more faster and look like youre in your 30s or 40s thats how

How should a hamsters tummy look like?

normal because if it doesn't it is sick

Where can you get Pregnant Halloween costumes?

I can't tell whether you are looking for costumes for pregnant people, or for costumes that make you look pregnant. Either way though, you can get them online.If you want a costume that makes you look pregnant, you can look for "pregnant suit" and there are a variety of options available at different sites for approximately $30-$50.If you want a costume for someone that *is* pregnant, use the search "maternity costumes" and you will find a variety of options.If for people who are pregnant, you could also directly paint your tummy to look like a jack-o-lantern or other costume; if you are comfortable with that, it is something that many seem to do.

How do you tell if glass catfish is pregnant?

They will look fat and have a white stumache With eggs... They will move around the tank like crazy! I know this because my humbug catfish got pregnant...

How does a pregnant guppy look?

like human that is pregnant.

What do you look like at 5 months pregnant?


What does a pregnant cheetah look like?

The pregnant cheetah looks much like other pregnant cats.

Is there an action replay to make youre self look like Giratina in Pokemon platinum?

NO theres not!!