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Well most professional body piercers won't pierce "outie" navels because of the irritation the piercing will be subjected to. This generally leads to migration and rejection. Find something else to pierce.

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Q: What does your belly button look like after it is pierced and you have an outtie?
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Does guys like when girl have belly button pierced?

Many guys like it when a girl has her belly button pierced but some don't. The guys who do like it find it to be a turn on for them.

Does Miley Cyrus have her belly button pierced?

miley does have her belly button pierced, at least that's what it looks like in some of the pictures taken during her performance at her 16th birthday party she does,she also recently got her nose pierced but has to cover it up with make up for somethings. Demi Lovato,also has her belly button pierced

How old do you have to be to get your belly button pierced in Pennsylvania?

i think u can be like 11 with an adult

Does it hurt to get your belly button pierced on the bottom?

my mate had the top of her belly button pierced and said it was like a little sting and then got the bottom done and said it only hurt a little more then the top so i doubt it hurts that much

Does getting your belly button pierced hurt if you have your nose pierced?

No it doesn't hurt and I know this because a friend of mine had both pierced but it would hurt like the nose pierce

Does Harry Styles have an innie or outie?

Beyoncé Knowles has an innie belly button.

What are the disadvantages of a pierced belly button?

Some disadvantages of a pierced belly button are: High risk of infection if not taken care of properly, One can get an injury if the ring get caught in something, medical risks like hepatitis or HIV if health codes are not followed properly.

What does it mean when you get under your belly button pierced?

It means you wanted it done. You like it. No piercing means anything specific.

What is the name of a store where you can get your belly button pierced?

You need to peruse your local shops and talk to many people in there about it. There are no "stores" as in wal-marts, targets or the like that will pierce a belly button for various reasons.

I got my tongue pierced just under a week ago and there is a crater like indent developing on the top of my tongue. Why is this and what can I do to get rid of it?

This is because of the jewelry resting on the top of the piercing. I got one with my belly button and my tongue. But the one on my belly button is gone now, and the one on my tongue is almost gone. I got my tongue and belly button pierced about two months ago.

Why should you not eat fish after getting your belly button pierced?

because you may possibly smell like fish for a week.

How can you convince your parents to let you get your belly button pierced?

Make a deal. E.g You get it pierced and you can't have pocket money for a week or, you get it pierced and you have to buy them both nice birthday presents.Something like that anyway.Thanks for asking, from Snake1993 xox