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There is nothing the so-called WWP does that the Veterans Administration does not do; except that WWP and other scams like them keep about 64.5% for themselves (they call it administrative costs).

I have been going to a VA hospital for many years and they attend to all my ailments and prescriptions without charge or obligation, including psychological treatment for PTSD. Necessary surgeries are never a problem including extended hospitalization. If the VA hospital cannot preform a treatment, they will send you to a civilian hospital that is highly qualified in that particular procedure.

President Trump recently allocated some $17billion to the VA.

Yes, sometimes I have to wait for an hour beyond my appointment time but that is only due to the huge number of veterans being treated at the facility. I do not mind waiting. I bring a favorite book to read or chat with other veterans and about our different war experiences. I believe civilians that donate to private charities such as the aforementioned, are being ripped-off.

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Q: What does wounded warrior do that VA doesn't?
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