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Keeping up with the times, with the latest and newest ideas, modern

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"Up-to-date" means that something is current or current as of the present time. It shows that the information, data, or status is recent and reflects the most recent developments or changes.

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current, timely

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Q: What does up-to-date mean?
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up to date

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Barss, Vanessa A. Patient Information: Avoiding Infections in Pregnancy. UpToDate Patient Information. January 11, 2002 [cited March 15, 2005].

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UpToDate has a great page that not only lists some of the foods that someone with type 1 diabetes should and should not eat, it also gives lots of information about counting calories and carbohydrates, taking insulin, and exercise for a really comprehensive view of why and how diet is important. Here is the link:

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