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Talk to you later hugs and kisses

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"ttylxox" stands for "talk to you later, hugs, kisses" and is commonly used as a casual way to sign off messages to friends.

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Q: What does ttylxox stand for when talking to friends?
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What does dk stand for in ttylxox?

In the song "TTYLXOX" by Bella Thorne, DK stands for "Don't Know." The lyric refers to ending a conversation without knowing how the other person truly feels.

What does rotffl stand for in the song ttylxox?

ROTFFL stands for, Rolling on the Freaking Floor Laughing. Hope this helped :)

What does lmho stand for in the song ttylxox?

"IMHO" stands for "in my humble opinion".

How do you play ttylxox on the recorder with notes?

ttylxox on the recorder

When was TTYLXOX created?

TTYLXOX was created on 2012-03-06.

What does ttlyxox stand for?

I think you mean ttylxox, which means: talk to you later xox. ( hugs and kisses ) I hoped this helped XD

Is there a ttylxox video without the mashup with something to dance for?

I don't think there is a video but I have seen short versions of the song, TTYLXOX, in the video mashup but there is a full song of TTYLXOX.

Who writes TTYLXOX?

Bella Thorne

How do you play ttylxox on piano notes?

Jag vill lära mej spela ttylxox på piano!=)kram Cornelia

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It happened with me too.... all you have to do is stop talking to him avoid him later on your friends will realize you aren't hanging out with him or anything.

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