What does the word idle mean on Facebook?

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That you are logged in but not doing anything on facebook.

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2011-08-02 05:03:16
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Q: What does the word idle mean on Facebook?
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What does the half circle mean in Facebook?

It means the person you're talking to has set their chat status to idle.

When your chatting to someone on Facebook what does it mean if the dot is white?

it means IdleSo how can a person actively chatting be "idle"?

What does null mean in facebook message?

its a fake word

What does idle mean in Facebook?

"Idle" is someones status that shows up to their friends when they are online. Unlike AIM, you can't just say "I'm away from my keyboard", it will just automatically put you as Idle if you don't click on anything for a certain amount of time. Idle basically means that you are doing nothing. If your on Facebook and your Idle, you would get the little grey crescent moon next to your name, instead of the green dot.

How do you go idle on Facebook?

Being idle on Facebook usually means that the person has closed the Facebook window or the browser without logging out. Also sometimes the person may appear idle if the person has kept Facebook window active and is browsing some other website in an another browser window. There have been many instances when people have been visible as 'idle' for an entire day (to their friends) even if they had come online once in a day. This seems to only happen when a person logs in to Facebook via a phone application supporting Facebook chat. Also many times these applications remain connected to Facebook via internet to display real time updates on the person's phone home-screen. In such case the person is connected to Facebook but not practically online and thus Facebook chat shows such persons as 'idle'.

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