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I do not think you can really feel it until more time has passed.

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2010-09-24 00:20:54
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Q: What does the stomach feel like when you are 1 week pregnant?
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When you are one week pregnant can you feel ant thing in you stomach?

when you are one week pregnant can you feel anything in your stomach

How does your stomach feel when youre 1 week pregnant?


I am only 1 week pregnant and i have feelin like bubbles at the bottom of your stomach what is this?

You see technically your not pregnant when it is a week cause it is just an egg although many woman say they feel symptoms as early as this! you see chances are you just need to fart or burb!

Is feeling weirdness in your stomach after intercourse a sign of pregnancy or are you just not feeling well?

My stomach did feel different the week after intercourse. It felt like a lot of pressure in my stomach making me have to urinate more frequently. I am almost 2 months pregnant now!!

Can you get pregnancy symptoms five days after conceiving?

It's rare but I had butterfly like feelings in my stomach after about a week and I was pregnant

At 1 week pregnant can you suck in your stomach?

no if you do your baby will die

If I'm having a period and a negative pregnancy test but feel weird movement in my stomach could i be pregnant?

If you are on your period and have a negative pregnancy test - then you are not pregnant. You would not feel the fetus move until around the 20 week mark.

Can your stomach make weird noise a week pregnant?

Yes it can. It gas bubbles in ur stomach..

When your pregnant is it normal to have stomach pains?

stomach pains are expected throughout the whole of your pregnancy. There may be a week or 2 where you don't feel any pain. but then suddenly the other weeks are painful, but if there is no blood then you don't have to worry about it.

Having all the pregnancy symptoms but negative pregnancy test now you feel movement in stomach?

Probably just gas. If your were pregnant you would feel a babys movement around 18 to 20 week.

For the past week you have been feeling tightness and soreness in your stomach?

It Is possibele Iam pregnant

Do you feel restless during pregnancy?

i am 28wks pregnant and i feel very restless, iv been feeling like this for a week now. i feel like i don't know what to do with myself. i think it may be due to boredom

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