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Q: What does the rem stand for on rifles?
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What does rem stand for on the rem cycle?

Rapid Eye Movement

What does LE REM on a warranty deed stand for In Florida?

LE = Life Estate REM = Remainderman

Who make 338 rem ultra mag rifles?

Many custom and commercial companies.

What in anyone's opinion is the greatest song of the 80's?

'Stand' by REM

What does the initials of the rock band REM stand for?

Rapid Eye Movement.

What does the abbreviation REM stand for in sleep research?

Restless eye movement

What does bar stand for in browning rifles?

Browning Automatic Rilfe

Are 223 rem cal Herters rifles still manufactured?

It is my understanding that Herters only made rifles in the mid to late 60s and were sold mainly via mail order direct from them with a few stores selling as well. The Gun Control Act of 1968 pretty much marked the end of Herters rifles.

What is a 722 Remington 223 serial number 367655?

Are you sure you have a Remington model 722 in .223 caliber?These bolt action short action rifles were chambered in 222 rem,222 rem mag,243 win,244 rem,257 Roberts,300savage,or .308 win.only.These bolt action rifles were made from 1948-1962 which is before the .223 rem cartridge exsisted.I believe that your rifle was rechambered at some point in time before you owned it.I would have a gunsmith take a casting of the chamber to be sure.I own a model 722 Remington in 300 savage caliber and I love this rifle.Good luck with yours.

What is the value of a inter-arms mark x 7MM rem mag?

$375-$550, depending on condition. Rifles were actually made in Yugoslavia, imported into the US by Interarms.

What does 'let's blow this popsicle stand' mean?

"Let's blow this popsicle stand" was a rem used in the 1920s to mean let us leave this soda shop.

What is rem sleep withdrawal?

rem stand for rapid eye movement if you miss out on this sleep you become cranky and sometimes even see things that arent there it is the time in your sleep when you dream even if you don't remember it