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answer: girls love their breasts being touched but with love and tenderness. do it but nicely,some like it rough so look for your girls reactions. be soft if she likes soft. be rough if she enjoys you grabbing her breasts. all girls are different,but all love to be touched. Do not forget to kiss lick and suck. use your tongue,it will drive her crazy.

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A vagina , is on a girl , of course !

It feels wet at times when you're horny.

It also can feel itchy if you have just shaved or if you are menstruating.

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it feels like the most amazing thing ever.

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Q: What does the inside of the vagina feel like?
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What does your vagina feel and looks like from inside your body?

it look like your face

Can you get pregnant if the mirena moves but is still inside your vagina?

The mirena should be in the uterus. If it is in the vagina your partner will feel it and it may fall out on its own. It should not work when in the vagina as it is supposed to work on the uterine walls.

What does a vagina feel like during sex?

well the vagina can feel numerious emotions, it is not scientifically prooven which emotions it feels at different times, but it is a well known fact that having sex is abuse for your vagina

How does it feel when a fetus kicks inside the uterus?

The very first kicks that you can feel feel like someone is flicking you from the inside with their finger. The later kicks feel like a knee or elbow is kicking or pressing on you inside (which it is!).

How do you eat a gurl out?

You lick inside her vagina, like fingering her but using your tongue.

How does it feel to a guy when he's inside a girl?

It feels really, really good. It feels like something is rubbing up and down on the insides of your vagina, And for a guy I guess it feels like a hand job, Like someone if rubbing you...

Would the man know if you have a tampon in when he inserts finger?

Yes, a man would know if you have a tampon in when he inserts his fingers into your vagina. He would be able to feel the tampon inside the vagina.

How does a vagina feel during sex?

it feels like a warm apple pie!

What does the penis feel like in your vagina?

It feels amazing it massages your inner side of you to make you feel free and warm

What does a penis feel like when it is inserted into a girls vagina?

each man is different and no one can feel the same way you do

Is it possible a flea can go inside your vagina and bites to make an itchy bite inside the vagina?

No, fleas can't live inside the vagina because there isn't enough oxygen and the PH level of the vagina is deadly to them.

What are the personal health threats?

personal threats is like an vagina ..when u open the vagina you see a mani ...and makes u feel happy