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It looks like a plant covered with a 'pyramid' of little nuggets with like small 'classic' pot leaves strewn across it.

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Do you have a picture of one

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Q: What does the female marijuana plant look like?
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What kind of tree has leaves that look like a marijuana plant?

the Japanese maple tree has leaves that look alot like the marijuana plant in shape, but they can have a slight red tint to them.

How do you tell the difference between a male and female marijuana plant?

the first flowers appear where the leaf connects to the stem. the female has a bulb shaped structure. the male flowers appear to look like a small light green cluster, kinda like grapes

What does tapioca plant look like?

the plant that you are looking for looks a bit like marijuana, but if you look closley, you can see that looks like a penis, and also has the same consept, as it can ejaculate, and get larger from erections

What does a female weed plant look like?

I don't know but the female always grows faster.

How do you distinguish a female marjuiwanna plant from a male plant?

Female marijuana plants will throw pistils; paired nodes of 2 white hairs, usually within the first 14 days of beginning to flower. Males throw little sacks that look like balls that will eventually become pollen sacks.

How many leaves does a marijuana plant have when barly growning?

Well if its sprouting and the leaves have just popped out it will look like an X so its like 4 leaves

What is the definition of look alike drugs?

look alike drugs are drugs that are simular to the cannabis plant marijuana

What does marijuana look like when it is flowering?

The flowers are the small bud of Marijuana people smoke.

Can tequila look like marijuana on a drug test?