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It makes the page go down.

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Q: What does the control shift and spacebar do when pressed at the same time?
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Infinity j30 not coming out of park when brake is pressed?

Check to see if the stop lights are working - shift interlock and stop lights should be the same circuit - check fuses Try turning the key to 1st position (unlock) Shift to neutral to start and then shift to Drive

How do you enter a cheat code in sims 3?

press control shift and c all at the same time :)

The word hold is illuminated Mazda familia?

I had the same thing happen on my Mazda Bongo. it seems that in my case it was because the 2nd button down on the automatic gear shift was inadvertently pressed when I shifted from reverse to drive. On my Bongo there are two buttons on the gear shift, the top to release the shift lock to change to a different gear and a second button below that, which when pressed, holds a particular gear to stop the gearbox from automatically changing up, ie when towing up a hill etc. Trouble is, it is easy to forget it is pressed and you continue to drive in that gear.

How do you use your touchpad and type at the same time?

You thumbs will be on the touchpad and/or the spacebar. Use you thumbs.

How do you type codes in on sims pet stories?

for the pc? well you push "control shift c" all at the same time.

How can you up in Minecraft?

Wanna jump? Press SPACEBAR. Wanna fly? Press SPACEBAR twice(only creative mode, however 1.9 prerelease gives the same possibility to the adventurers in survival mode).

How do you make black icons on Facebook chat?

You can make a black icon chat on facebook by pressing shift control delete at the same time and then typing something. Make sure that you left go of shift,control and delete when you are typing the blackened word! Good Luck!

Can a red shift and a blue shift exist on the same object at the same time?


How do you put blank space in devC plus plus?

Same as you do with any text editor: hit the spacebar.

Will a 94 Dodge Ram transmission fit in a 99 Dodge Ram?

It may bolt in, but the automatic would not shift. The control systems are not the same.

Cheatcode for infinite ammo for black ops?

On PC press control shift and c at the same time. then on the top left put in /give ammo

Where is the cheat code box in the sims 3?

If you type in control shift and c at the same time then you should have the box pop up in the top of the screen.