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"short Message service" in other words text. It's not exclusive to personal ads.

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Q: What does the abbreviation sms mean in gay personal ads?
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How do you get a gay woman?

Try going to a gay/lesbian bar, or check personal ads.

What does gwm stand for in personal ads?

gay white male

What does FF mean in gay ads?

In gay ads, "FF" stands for "fist f***ing."

What does AAA mean in personal ads?

AA usually means African American. It can also mean "acting/appearing", as in "I am a straight a/a gay male".

Where can find information about gay personal ads?

Sounds like there's a word missing in the question, but nevertheless: gay personal ads can be found in special magazines - or also in the internet at dedicated websites, like for example gay dating websites. Unfortunately more detailed information can not be given in order to not violate CrowdFlower's rule that answers must be appropriate for all ages.

What does an FWB mean in a gay personal ad?

Friends With Benefits

How do you find gay sex partner in Auckland?

Looking online, it seems like there are a lot of sources. Personal ads, bars, social gatherings.

What does one find in personals ads?

Some personal ads may contain information about whether a person is male or female, straight or gay, what one's hobbies might be, and whether one likes to travel.

What does sms mean in gay personal ads?

I think it stands for sado-masochistic sex which is sex were one person plays the dominant role who inflicts pain on the other person (the masochist). The masochist enjoys feeling paint.

What does anon mean in gay slang?

In gay slang, anon means an unknown person. This is an abbreviation of the word anonymous, meaning that the person may not want their sexuality known publicly.

What does the abbreviation 'TT' mean in gay adds?

Usually, in male-to-male ads, the abbreviation TT refers to "Total Top", or a man who identifies himself SOLELY as the dominant(top) role in gay sex. In the range you usually have Total Tops- Top/Vers (meaning versatile but mostly top), Vers Bottom (meaning versatile but mostly bottom), bottom, and then a variety of other phrases to refer to extreme bottoms, i.e. "pig bottom", "power bottom", etc.

Is Gavin Jenks from the autoglass ads gay?

Unfortunately, I think not :(

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