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Could be an inspector's mark, assembly mark, etc..

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Q: What does the X mean stamped on the bottom of the barrels on a Remington 1900?
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Remington model 1900 double barrel shotgun the barrels are marked kec are these steel barrels are damascus barrels?

Does it read "kec" or "ked"? The Remington web site indicates 4 grades of Remington model 1900 double barrel shotguns ( Grades Offered: K - Remington steel barrelsKE - Remington steel, auto ejectorsKD - 2 stripe Damascus barrelsKED - 2 strip Damascus, auto ejectors

What is the value of Remington double barrel model 1900 12 gauge shot gun?

Steel or Damascus barrels?

Can you tell what year a Remington Rifle was built by the serial number?

Some models you can especially before 1921 after that the barrels are date code stamped and it's more accurate then the serial list surprisingly which one early models (1900's) can be off a year or so from the list. Barrel codes are available on the Remington Society of America here:

What is the age of Remington Model 1900 serial number 307697?

Between 1900 and 1910. Probably 1900.

Where can you get a diagram of the Remington 1900 shotgun?


Remington umc 12 gauge 1900-1903?

how much is a remington umc 12 gauge serial number 247442

Where can i find information about a violin stamped Deroux?

If it is stamped inside in the middle of the back, it is French, probably from around 1900.

You are looking at a Remington 1900 SxS to buy and want to find out all you can about the barrels each barrel is marked the same with K X you think the K means fluid steel but what does the X mean?

This is the only place your going to get answers to those kind of questions, register and post your questions here: Remington Society of America

What is the value of a Remington Arms 35 Remington caliber semi automatic rifle with patents of Browning October 9 1900?

$200-$300 if 90% or better.

How do you reasemble a early 1900 Remington model 12 a pump 22 cal rifel?

It's described on the Remington Society of America forums...

When were Lefever shotgun barrels made of steel?

they were made out of steel in 1885 They were all made with steel barrels. The earliest, by Lefever & Barber Co in 1874-75 were damascus or laminated steel. Fluid steel barrels would have been introduced about 1900.

Makers of 1900 era 12 gauge shotguns?

Crescent. H&D, Folsom, Browning, Winchester, Remington

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