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Santa Claus looks exactly like the American Santa Claus

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Q: What does the Spanish Santa Claus look like?
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What does the Chinese santa look like?

they look like Santa Claus but with Chinese eyes

What does Santa Claus look like in Africa?

There is NO Santa Claus or Christmas in Africa

How does santa Claus look like in mexicoi?

santa would look tanner !!!! lol

What does Santa Claus look like in Alaska?

Santa Claus looks the same in Alaska as he does in the other 49 states.

What does Santa Claus look like in Italy?

There is no Santa Claus in Italy, they have somebody else, I just don't remember what!

What does israel's santa claus look like?

Israel is 75% Jewish and 16% Muslim. Neither Jews nor Muslims have a Santa Claus.

What does the second spirit in the novella A Christmas Carol look like?

It looks like Santa Claus

What does Santa Claus look like in Ukraine?

samta looks like a person with a wite brid and wite hair and that is what santa looks like

Why does Santa Claus look like he does?

Rumor has it that the modern day version of the Santa Claus image was a marketing ploy by Coca Cola (whose colors are red and white).

What does China's Santa Claus look like?

fat with a red suit with white trimmings

What does Paipi Noel look like?

Papai Noel is how Santa Claus is called in Brazil.

What does santa claus look like in Scotland?

He puts on a kilt before he arrives in Scotland.