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The HMR consists of meal replacement products. Typically some meals are replaced by shakes and overall the number of calories consumed is therefore lowered.

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Q: What does the HMR diet consist of?
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What does the acronym in hmr diet plan mean?

The HMR diet focuses on healthy weight loss as opposed to rapid weight loss. The initials stand for Health Management Resources.

Where can I find information about the HMR diet online?

You can find more information online, from WebMD, and the MayoClinic. One website: offers a lot of information from a person using the HMR diet.

What is the menaing of hmr diet plan?

HMR means "Health Management Resources". This program is offered in HMR clinics and also as a Home Program. It is a specific diet plan that is sent to you every 2 weeks and comes with quick start diets, "how-to" materials, a CD and free service calls to answer your questions.

Where can one purchase HMR shakes?

HMR shakes are available directly from the company Health Managent Resources. They are used as meal replacements in a calorie controlled weight loss diet.

What is a good hmr diet plan?

The HMR diet plan is built around pre-packaged foods that you buy at an HMR center or that you can have delivered to your home. The plan includes MRE similar to what soldiers in the field eat. Fresh fruits and veggies are added to the plan. The plan also offers protein shake mixes, puddings and soups that can be used to create a variety of recipes to maintain interest. The diet overall is low-fat and low calorie.

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