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If a guy is turned on by you it mans that he realy likes you and is trying to get you to like him even if you already do. He's trying to get you to have sex with you because that's how guys brains work it sounds nasty but true.

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Q: What does that mean if a guy is turned on by you?
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A gay guy flirted with you and you got very turned on does that mean you are gay?

yes , yes it does

Do guy's get turned off by eczema?

that depends on the guy. Some guys will be turned off, others won't care.

If your friend says he's gay and likes guys but is willing to be with you what does that mean?

That the guy might be bi or u turned him bi

Will a guy get turned off by an apology?

No, But if you take your clothes off he will be turned on!(:

What does it mean when a guy used to talk and smile and say hi to you now it all stopped and there is no reason for him to do that?

You so ugly he turned gay.

What does it mean when a guy says he's sprung over a girl?

It can mean either two things. The first is that he is madly in love with her and the second is that he gets turned on by her (his penis rises) .

Can a guy be turned into a girl?

Are you an idiot, yes they can.

Why do you get turned on?

You usually get turned on because a girl/guy does something that you like and/or they have something you like.

What does it mean when a guy ask what you have on?

Usually it would mean he is trying to get turned on/turn you on. BE CAREFUL when replying to this. If you dont like the idea of sexting (or that kind of thing) the i would advise avoiding response.

Is a sweaty body attractive on guys?

Depends on who is looking at them, people get turned on by different things. A guy sweating could mean he is strong and hard working.

What is to be turned on by a guy?

Made attracted to him, maybe sexually.

Why do I get turned so much and at the same time when I touch I just dont get turned on...and when i make out with a guy i dont feel anything?

You might not love that guy properly to enjoy it.